Saturday, 25 November 2017

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualified Teams

The FIFA World Cup 2018 qualification process is the huge process which includes lined up tournaments, and these all are categorically organized by FIFA Confederations. This process of qualification is to decide the 31 teams of 32 teams and the 32nd team is the Host country which will play by default, FIFA World Cup 2018 will be hosted by Russia.

There are 210 FIFA member associations who are technically eligible to enter the process of qualification. For the first time since 2018 FIFA World Cup, all available national teams are registered for primary qualification process by Zimbabwe and Indonesia before the started playing their first match. Some good news is also up here to share that Bhutan, Gibraltar, Kosovoand South Sudan made their qualification debuts in FIFA World Cup qualification rounds. 

Myanmar who was ban for creating trouble for the crowd in 2014 World Cup appealed for their entry in the qualification round this year, and they successfully passed the qualifying match against Oman. The qualification matches started way back from 2015 in different places of the world, and today there are 32 teams which include the Host team Russia on our board. 

2018 FIFA World Cup qualified teams

The teams that have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018 are listed for all to have a look and just wait patiently for some more months until 14th June 2018.

  1. Russia – The host team, qualified to play the match and host the world greatest football event and this same chance they got way back in 2010.
  2. Japan – Group B Winners, AFC third round.
  3. Iran -  Group A winner, AFC third round
  4. Saudi Arabia – This team qualified as the runners-up.
  5. Brazil – All eyes are on them so to say. Here CONMEBOL round robin winners and this team itself was qualified in 2017 Fifa World Cup.
  6. Mexico – Somewhat daring. North and Central America and the Caribbean and they are the round 5 winners.
  7. England  - Gareth Southgate’s beaten Slovenia at the famous We, by to secure their bright spot in Russia in Group F
  8. Germany: They are in Group C after defeating Northern Ireland 3-1  in Belfast.
  9. Belguim – This team is UEFA winner of Group H and them indeed the first European team to qualify in September 3rd.
  10. Poland: It came under Group E and is the fourth European Team to qualify FIFA 2018 World Cup in spite of having two dropped points.
  11. Nigeria – First African team to make their mark in FIFA 2018 World Cup and they are the one who only missed one tournament in 2006. They are in the FIFA World Cup since 1994.
  12. Costa Rica – They qualified themselves in CONCACAF, and they were the one who reached fourth World Cup finals.
  13. Egypt: It is Mohamed Salah under who dynamism the North Africans were into first finals since 1990.
  14. Serbia – Group D Winner.
  15. Iceland – This would be their joyful year as this is their first time in FIFA World Cup and they won against Croatia.
  16. Spain – The great Champions of 2010 Fifa World Cup and they are in Group G. They remained 5 points ahead.
  17. Serbia – They are the Group D Winners.
  18. France – The team, is the qualified winner of Group A.
  19. Panama – For the first time qualified for FIFA World Cup 2018after defeating Costa Rica.
  20. Portugal – Portugal had beaten Switzerland in their final qualification game to reach the FIFA 2018 World Cup.
  21. Argentina – It is THE ARGENTINA, and all eyes are always on them. Lionel Messi had struck hat-trick in final qualification.
  22. Columbia – they were smart to take fourth and final automatic qualification in South American qualification game which led them to enter FIFA 2018.
  23. Uruguay – They secured the second position in their group to secure a secured place in again to that famous FIFA 2018.
  24. Morocco – Group C Winners in CAF.
  25. Senegal – Group D Winners in CAF.
  26. Switzerland – Won Northern Ireland in two-leg Play-off again.
  27. Tunisia – Group A Winners in CAF.
  28. Croatia – Won against Greece.
  29. Denmark – Won against the Republic of Ireland in two-leg play-off.
  30. Sweden – Won against Italy in two-leg Play-off.
  31. Peru – Peru secured the last place with a victory against New Zealand.
  32. Australia – The team, defeated Honduras in two-leg play-off.



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